DC Health Coaches are great trainers. They’re encouraging and challenging without being intimidating. They approach each class with a fresh perspective and creativity, emphasizing different areas and priorities each week. The DCHC trainers are very knowledgeable about fitness and exercise and they bring new learning’s to class every day. They are also unfailingly positive and friendly. The DC Health Coaches have gotten me to stick to a fitness routine that is now going on two years, and I’ve definitely seen the results
— Gayle W.
When I joined DCHC boot camp in June 2013, I was out of shape, out of breath, and out of options for living a healthier lifestyle. Joining boot camp changed my life. Now that I’m nearing 40, I’m in the best shape of my life thanks to boot camp. I have muscles in places where I never thought possible and certainly never experienced before. I feel stronger mentally and physically than ever before. Each of the boot camp coaches brings his own style and dedication to helping all of us improve our physical fitness. All of them have helped me get in the best physical shape of my life. I can’t wait to take on the next physical fitness challenge they have for me at boot camp. Every boot camp session is challenging and I’m always surprised at the variety of exercises and routines that each of the coaches brings. I can’t wait to keep going on this fitness journey that I started in June 2013 with DCHC.

I have lost at least 30-35 pounds since I started boot camp in June 2013 and I continue to lose weight where I don’t need (around my middle) and gain muscle; and I have had to size down my wardrobe at least twice since starting boot camp in June 2013 and am now fitting in smaller clothes for the first time in years!
— Mike O.