D.C. Health Coaches feature broad yet unique training backgrounds that range from body alignment and posture specialists to Division I collegiate athletes. The services offered below are just some of the more commonly requested services we offer today.


Personal Training

Strength, toning. Flexibility. Speed. Endurance. Yoga. Body Alignment. Weight Management. Nutrition. Lifestyle. In-Home. In-Office. In-Office Fitness Center. Apartment Fitness Center. Neighborhood Park/Track. Partnering Fitness Centers of DCHC.


Nutrition Coaching

Cheeseburgers. Fried Chicken. Gummy Worms. Cheeseburgers. Cheesecake on a Pizza. Chocolate Dipped Chocolate. Caramel Covered French Fries. Diabeetus.

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Group Training

Couples. Friends. Siblings. Teammates. Colleagues. Goal-specific training. Cooperation. Motivation. Yoga. Barre. Boot Camp. Training. Working. Paining. Painting. Competitive, fun group setting.


Corporate Wellness

Posture. Ergonomics. Nutrition. Workshops. Yoga. Stretching. Stress Reduction. Employee Productivity. Programs by Month, Quarter, or Year